About Ki-sho 葵匠


Ki-sho 葵匠 reflects a value deeply ingrained in every aspect of the dining journey we intend for our guests. From the architecture of the building and the vessels that contain the food, right down to the seasonally inspired ingredients you savour and the sake you sip, Ki-sho 葵匠 is a culinary showcase for Japanese artisanship delivered with omotenashi.

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ランチ | Lunch

Sakizuke  /  Otsukuri  /  Yakimono  /  Agemono  /  Syokuji  /  Mizugashi   

168++ per person

ディナー | Dinner

Sakizuke  /  Otsukuri  /  Owan  /  Hassun  /  Oshinogi  /  Wagyu  /  Syokuji  /  Mizugashi  /  Kanmi   

348++ per person

飲料 | Beverage

Carafe Selection デカンタ 選択
Premium Sake Selection プレミアム日本酒 選択
Juyondai Selection 十四代 選択
Junmai Daiginjo/Daiginjo 純米大吟醸/大吟醸
Junmai Ginjo/Ginjo 純米吟醸/吟醸
Umeshu & Shochu Selection 梅酒&焼酎 選択

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