The Restaurant

Ki-sho, 葵匠, means aristocratic craftsmanship; a value that is emphasized from the architecture to the core of its fresh nihon-ryōri.

葵 (Aoi) is a flower belonging to the Malvaceae family, commonly known as mallow. 匠 means artisan or craftsman who has skills to create beauty.

This original combination of the two characters, 葵匠, creates the word with metaphor of “high class artisan” or “the artisan whom creates the perfect beauty”. Thus, this is what Ki-sho is all about - mastery conception of both the interior design and culinary art.

Sushi Bar

   Our main dining room, a 10 seat sushi bar is anchored with a full length pine timber table top with matching chef’s cutting board. Every detail in Ki-sho is hand-built by a team of precision Japanese artisans; resulting in a warm comforting environment with reflected lights illuminating the exquisitely matte walls, welcoming you with a sense of celebration.

Formal Dining Rooms

   Formal entertainment rooms in 8 and 12 seat capacities on the second level are similarly commissioned with the highest quality of bespoke furniture, hand laid flooring and gold leaf wallpaper; making it natural choice to hold that landmark memorialization.

Kakure Sake Bar

   Housed in Level 2 of the same amazing black and white bungalow that Ki-sho is in, Kakure’s décor is an updated reflection of Meiji- and Taisho-era Japan designed to exude that unmistakable Japanese hospitality. Our sake list, one of the largest in Singapore, has been carefully curated in a partnership between Ki-sho’s chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto and two certified sake sommeliers John and Makoto. The list focuses on small handcrafted sakes from Japan not widely available in Singapore. Each of these sakes is brought in only once, in limited quantities; each experience with them will therefore be utterly unique. Guests can learn about sake with the sake sommelier at the bar counter or explore on their own at discreet little niches.

Sake Room

   As we have a room for every occasion, you can relax at our quiet 8 seat sake room shared with over 50 labels of traditional and seasonal sake, brought in to compliment the changing menu as designed by our chef.

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